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Carla Christine (Jeffrey A. Hodne.mp3

 Founder / Lucky 7 Music Group, Country Music Star / Tate Music Group , (BMI) Country / Gospel / Rock Song Writer, &  D.J.

                           ♫Lucky Hodnett ♫

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www.luckyhodnett.com .

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Losing Game - Lucky Hodnett.mp3

Country / Gospel / Rock Songwriter / Lyricist ( BMI ) :

           Jeffrey  Oliver 

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                   ♫  Jeffrey Oliver ♪

       Hi! My name is Jeffrey Oliver, I am a lyricist from Pennsylvania. My Lyrics are filled with soul and life, I am married, with two beautiful children, Chelsea who is 7, and Gavin Who is 5,  We have been through alot together, and could not ask for better, my journey has led me in the right direction for sure, and I am very blessed to be a part of Lucky7, I write lyrics from life, and am writers block free i believe haha. I live in Shippensburg Pennsylvania, A Small Southern Pa Town, So Peaceful Here. I Am Honored With This Opportunity, And I Hope, The world connects with my writing, as I Do, Peace With Love.

Jeffrey Oliver-A Song From a Heartache.MP3

    ( ASCAP) Country Songwriter :                               Antonio Romano 

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               ♪  Antonio Romano ♫


      Antonio is a born again cowboy; a farm raised country boy. He was born in the south west -the south west of the north east, that is. His greatest love was his mom: the inspiration of his life. His formative years were spent in the company of television's Roy Rogers , Gene Autry, and the Lone Ranger. His musical influences were and still are Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis,Johnny Cash, Everly Brothers, Bobby Bear. After picking up his first guitar at 12 years old, he learned to pick with Duane Eddie, The Ventures, Jorgen Ingmen( Apache). With a conquering heart. His songs are inspired by passion and love, heart ache and failure, courage and pain... These are underlying melodies to Antonio ’s country sound.

Antonio - Silver Dollar.mp3

    ( BMI ) Country / Rock Songwriter : 

                Paige Hodnett 

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                  ♪ Paige Hodnett ♫ 


       Paige was born in Poplarville, MS on March 24, 1994. Paige has listened to various styles of music with a love for all. Paige has been influenced in the music by greats like Dolly Parton, Reba Mcentire, & Adele. Paige comes from a long family background of musicians and is the daughter of Platinum Country Artist "Lucky Hodnett". Paige follows in her fathers footsteps by writing songs from the heart of real life events. Paige's goal is to eventually become a music teacher and teach other children the values of music.

Used - Lucky.MP3

        ( BMI ) Gospel Songwriter : 

                   Mary Rivera


                   ♪ Mary Rivera ♫ 


      Mary grew up listening to the sounds of Gospel Music & Country she was born August 13, 1958 in Louisiana. She comes from a big musical family background. She was influenced by such greats as Dottie Rambo, Betty Jean Robinson, & The Hinsons along with her Dad C.R. Farr. She has been writing Gospel now for over 30 years and was inspired by God to bring the message of Love out in her music for the world to hear. Mary's Goal is to reach people and hopefully change lives for the better.


Carla Hodnett - Jesus, Revival (Lanie Rivera).mp3

  ( BMI )  Country / Gospel Songwriter : 

                    David Simmons


                   ♪  David  Simmons ♫

        Born & Raised a Texas Country Boy. April 14, 1972. Son of Mike and Carroll Simmons. I am the youngest of three boys and have two sisters.

       Family is very important to me.I have had a talent for making people smile my whole life. When I write lyrics and songs ; I write from my heart and I dont worry about anything else. I write from my heart what I think and feel how I see things. To know that something I felt in my music then passed on through one my songs moved someone else is the best feeling in the world. The same as when I hear a lyric in a song that moves me.
    I love to write Music songs about real life,  how I feel, the way I see things, & what’s going on in my life at the time.
Real life the same things everyone else sees and feels every day. Here I am my training is real life ups and downs hurts and pains and that's how I write.

     My goal is for others to hear my music and songs not for the Glory of it, but for the power of the emotions that people feel when they hear them for themselves .
I love outlaw country and artist that write from there heart.  Eric Church and his style of music fits me perfect.
Kenny Chesney/King George straight/Jake Owen (Alone with you)Blake Shelton (Home) Steve Warner/Dierks Bently and many more.

 (BMI) Country / Gospel Songwriter :  

                     Belinda Sheilds 

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                   ♪ Belinda Sheilds ♫

      Belinda was born in Mississippi in the 70,s. Belinda grew up with the sounds of Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton , & Reba McEntire. Belinda comes from a big musical family of singers & musicans. Belinda started writing in High School Gospel & Country songs. She followed her dream to entertain with her beautiful country voice. Belinda is also a musician herself. Belinda is a songwriter for BMI Nashville & belongs to the CMA, GMA, & Nashville Songwriters Association. 

A Ghost in My Heart- Belinda Sheilds.mp3

 ( BMI ) Country / Gospel Songwriter :                            Bob Owens

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                                     ♫ Bob Owens ♫

I call myself,"  Bob Owens and His Country Kinfolks", because I feel a special kinship to anyone who chooses to play music with me.
     I grew up on a tobacco farm in Maryland , but my folks are from Upper East Tennessee and I spent a lot of time there as I was growing up.  I went to school at East Tennessee State University and studied Computer Science, &Geology.
         I've always loved old Country Classics.   I used to go out in the shed and stretch two copper wires across old nails to get different pitch sounds.
I did not own a guitar til I was 18 and had left home already.
I don't claim to be a guitarist, but I love to sing and accompany myself on the guitar with rythmn & chords that I hope match the sounds I want to sing.

Bob Owens - If It Weren't for Jesus.mp3

( BMI )  Singer / Songwriter  :  

              Bill  " Peace " Doughty

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Bill Peace Doughty - In My Dreams.mp3

Peace Doughty - Revelation.mp3

                    ♫  Bill " Peace" Doughty ♫ 

 Growing up in the 70’s was a blast .  I was raised in a small swamp community where there was no red lights or even a stop sign. There was one paved road, the rest was either gravel or mud trails. I often drove my boat to the bus stop. If not I had to walk almost a mile to catch the school bus. This made skipping school a bit easy. I trapped fur animals in the winter and in the summer months caught catfish and sold them to local restaurants. In my spare time on weekends I watched American Band Stand and Soul Train on TV. That was my only contact with the outside world. Back then we only had 3 TV stations available and there was no MTV or VH1.

   My dad bought me an electric guitar but it ended up as most do collecting dust in a closet. Eventually I traded it for a ’69 GTO. Once I got my first car I was introduced to radio and 8 track tape players.  My family never had these in the house so I never missed not having them. I built up an impressive collection of 8 track tapes. “The Beatles”, “Jefferson Airplane”, “Steppenwolf”, “Three Dog Night”, “Led Zeppelin” and “Jethro Tull” were among my favorite musical influences . These were in the years that Disco was very popular and I avoided at all cost.

    In 1981 I joined the Army and spent the next 3 years traveling, including a one year tour in Germany. During these years I spent a lot of time listening to different types of music and learning to “hide” my Cajun accent.

    In 2006 I bought another guitar and tried again to learn how to play. But, I gave up not having anyone else to play along with. Then one day my son and I stopped by the music store and his son started eyeing a bass guitar. asked if they would let me trade in my guitar for the bass for my son. They agreed. A few weeks passes and one day I picked up the bass and in a few minutes was playing “Iron Man” on it. I got excited and joined a band called “Technical Difficulties” as bass player. Soon after my family and I moved to Mississippi.

    As of now I has not written a hit song but hang on. My  goal is to go into the "Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame ". Remember where you first heard about an old Hippie song writer called PEACE.

  Well that is enough about me. But the most important thing about is my 6 kids, Summer, Michelle, Jennifer, Jessica Daven, and Derek. Plus my soul mate, My wife, Chandra, whom I have been married to for 20 years. My family stands by me and supports me in my music. 

 (BMI) Songwriter / Crafter : 

                   Ben Carrasco 

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                       ♫  Ben Carrasco ♫


 Hello! I introduce to you Ben Carrasco who dares to be discovered. I've been credited with writing with some of the best hit songwriters-like the late Charlie Craig who wrote "Wanted" recorded by Alan Jackson also Roy August who Co-wrote 'Fancy Free" recorded by The Oak Ridge Boys & many other songwriters from around the globe.

It takes more than ink and pen and mere talent to create a commercial tune. It takes Craft/skill and all that it in tails  it's perceptive abilities, it's long hard laboring hours, it's art and the Gift from a higher power. 

Behind every successful songwriter lies a unique story of monumental proportion/history if you will. My story is still being written one song at a time and it Started with Song Crafting.

Ben Carrosco -Shes Got It Going On.mp3

( BMI ) Country Songwriter: 

                   Roger Ratliff

Roger Ratliff -Secretly.mp3

                    ♫  Roger Ratliff ♫

       I come from a very large family,i'm one of 15 children, I have 11 sisters and three brothers. I was born in Detroit, Michigan. I have been around music all of my life and have loved every minute of it. Other than my children its the most important thing in the world to me. My parent's are from the south so I was raised listening to country music but my sisters and brothers liked rock-n-roll so I got influenced by all genres of music. I fell in love with soul and r&b and combined with rock and country man did I have alot to listen to. I knew from a young age that music is what I wanted to do for my life's work. I got my first instrument when I was five years old. My brother got me a set of drums and I played my butt off as much as I could. Then when I was 12 I began playing the piano, at 13 the guitar, and the bass guitar at 26. I fell in love with the bass and other than setting in on the drums for bands occasionally I haven't played anything but the bass. I love to sing and always have. I remember standing in front of the mirror at the good old age of five and singing into my brush I'm at the age now where i'm to old to pursue a singing career so I concentrate on writing. I love to write music and try to put alot of my influences into my music. I have been influenced by so many, such as Elvis, George Jones, Marty Robbins, Hank Williams, Temptations, Fats Domino, Ricky Nelson, Vince Gill, Steve Warner  Patsy Cline, Buck Owens...etc,I could go on and on. My goal is to take my writing as far as I can go with it and hope that someday I will get a great singer to perform and record one of my songs. I try to write about life, happiness, sorrow, tragedy, everyday parts of life. If I can write a song that makes someone smile, bring back a memory, or bring a tear to their eye then I feel I have done my job as a writer. Music is such a big part of this world and I just want to be part of it. 

                                                                                      ♫   Joy & Gerry  Wyatt ♫


Joy: Born in Hattiesburg, MS, I used to stand by the street and sing to the mail man and whomever would drive by, at age 4, lol. I have always had a love for music and sing whenever I get a chance, mostly at Church. I enjoyed being a part of B95's Colegate Country Showdown and look forward to trying it again someday. Until then, I'm happy recording music here at home in our studio.
Gerry: Born in Laurel, MS, way back in 59', I've been in music pretty much all my life. From Italian opera to twangy Bluegrass, I've tried it all, lol. My late Uncle Dave Hall, a Nashville songwriter, once told me: If you wanna have fun, play rock and roll. If you wanna make money, stick with Country music. He took me up to Broadway Studios in Muscle Shoals Ala, where I cut my first 45, back in the early 80's. One of our hobbies is singing on various internet karaoke sites, where my wife and I have recorded several hundred songs. Being a little older and wiser, we just stay home now, write, and record here in our home studio, for the fun of it. 

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BMI Country Songwriter : Bill Polk 

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          ♫ Bill Polk ( Billy Whiskers)  ♫

    Bill has been in the Music Industry 40 years. Bill has Performed Live with such greats as Jim Stafford , Ken Mellon s  & Billy Joe Shaver. Bill appeared on the " Ralph Emery Show"  in 1982 in Nashville on TNN.  Bill is Inspired by Legends  like Hank SR., Merle Haggard, & Marty Robbins. Bill has been Inspired by John Prine in his songwriting. 

    Bill is a Member of BMI Nashville & has been a Member of Nashville Songwriters Association & CMA. Bill writes an Performs Country, Rock, Gospel, Blues, & Comedy. Bill is also a Member of the "Lucky 7 Band" for Country Star : Lucky Hodnett.

Bill Polk - Dolly Parton Doll.mp3

BMI Blues / Rock Songwriter: Harrison Mcinnis

Check out Harrison on FaceBook:

       ♫ Harrison Mcinnis ♫ 

 Harrison lives and works in Mobile, AL. where you can catch him every Sunday at Cafe 615 downtown on Dauphin St. with friend & fellow songwriter Lee Yankie, and frequently The Brickyard with his band The Harrison McInnis Trio.

Harrison McInnis - Another New Town.mp3

Harrison McInnis - The Wagon.mp3

 ( BMI ) Country Songwriter: Ruthie Steele

Lucky 7 Music Group : " Head Writer "

Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame.

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                                     Head Songwriter:                               Ruthie Steele ♫ 

    Ruthie wrote her first song at age 8. She started singing and playing guitar in her brother Link  Barnes' band at age 15. She has remained in the Music Business her entire life. She has written and recorded 5 albums of Country Music. She added Sales and Marketing and Management and Journalism experience through the years.  She also raised  3 sons and 3 daughters.
     In 2006, She was inducted into The American Old Time Country  Music Hall Of Fame. Her son, singer / songwriter " David Steele " was also inducted in 2006. Her Brother, Max D. Barnes is also in that Hall  Of  Fame, and Max is also world famous  in the Nashville Songwriters  Hall Of  Fame ".
     Max D. co-wrote the song of the year in 1989 with Vern Gosdin " Chiseled in Stone " and the 1992 SONG of the year, " Look At Us " with Vince Gill.

I would Lie to Tell the Truth - Lucky Hodnett.MP3

BMI Country/Gospel Song Writer : Richard Pummill Find Richard on Reverbnation at:
       ♫ Richard Pummill ♫ 

Richard has been writing & singing from an early age. He has been influenced by Country Greats such as dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, George Jones , & Many Others. Richard is a member of BMI, The CMA, The GMA & Nashville songwriters Association just to name a few.Richard's Song " Mama Don't Ever change " which was written in Memory of his Mom Evelynn Pummill, was recorded by Nashville Star Lucky Hodnett on the " Time Rolls On " EP of 2015.

MaMa Don't Ever Change - Lucky Hodnett.mp3